Basic Care and Use of Our Candles

Preventing memory rings

As a general rule of thumb, every new candle should burn approximately one hour for every 1 inch in diameter of the candle. In the case of our 9oz glass tumblers, that would be around 3 hours. If the wax is not allowed to melt from edge to edge of the tumbler, it will create a memory ring. Once a candle has this “memory ring,” it will continue to tunnel and to burn that way for the life of the candle. This can reduce the life of the candle and it just doesn’t look pretty.

 Keep our cotton wicks trimmed to 1/8 inch at all times

We suggest trimming our cotton wicks every 4 hours of burn time. When trimming, you should always extinguish the flame, let the candle cool, and trim the wick to 1/8 of inch before relighting. This will help keep the candle burning clean and soot free. Our wooden wicks do not require trimming.

Use a wick trimmer

Wick trimmers are an essential tool to maintaining all of your candles and ours are no exception. If you have one, great. If not we highly suggest you purchase one. We offer a reasonably prices wick trimmer on our website or you can find them on Amazon or in any candle store. Here are some basic instructions on using your candle trimmer:

  • Place the bottom of the trimmer on the surface of the candle.
  • Tip the trimmer back so that the heel now rests on the surface of the candle.
  • Ensure that your trimmer is now at a 45-degree angle. This will prevent the wick from being cut too short.
  • Now just cut the wick and discard the remnant wick before lighting.

Candles should not be burned for more than four hours at a time.

We highly recommend that no candle be burned for more than four hours at a time. Excessive burn times can overheat the glass jars and shorten the life of your candles. Candles should be allowed to cool for two hours before trimming the wick and relighting.

 Say goodbye at ½ inch.

It is time to say goodbye when ½ inch of wax remains at the bottom of the jar. This will prevent possible heat damage to the surface or the container itself. The glass can get hot on the bottom as the flame nears the base of the jar and most of the wax has been consumed. 

Be smart, be safe.

Always burn candles well away from drafts, other heat sources, and for Pete’s Sake anything flammable. Make sure burning candles are out of reach of children and pets. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Did we say, NEVER LEAVE A BURNING CANDLE UNATTENDED?

 How to Store Your Candle Properly

Our natural wax and fragrance oils are sensitive to both temperature and light. Always store your candles in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or intense light if you aren’t going to use them for an extended period of time.